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BDD Consulting Services | 210 E. Second Ave, Rome, GA | (706) 238-5498

Lenora McEntire

Lenora is a Marketing Consultant for BDD.  She focuses on helping local small businesses build brand awareness by creating a united brand presence by assisting them in optimizing their profiles on select social media channels that is best suited for each individual client.  She works closely with them to curate and create content that will help each small business to engage with their customers where their customers are online.  Prior to starting her first big career move to BDD, she interned at the Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau alongside the Special Projects Coordinator where she learned the ins and outs of what makes the city of Rome, GA a progressing and thriving community.  She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing with a Concentration in Integrated Communications and Advertising from Southeastern Louisiana University.  Lenora loves Rome and truly embraces the southern culture. She enjoys golfing, spending quality time with her friends, family and puppies, and indulging herself with a jumbo chocolate cupcake from Honeymoon Bakery.  Her piece of advice about social media marketing to small business owners: Quality holds more value than quantity.  It's better to have fewer online connections who actually read, share, and talk about your content amongst their peers than it is to have a ton of online connections who disappear after the initial connection.

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